Which plan is best?

The Gold Membership contains most of what you need to get started. You can dropship all of our products using it.

However, if you want a more personalised service where we do virtually everything – plus, you want access to a coach who’s sold 7-figures online, then opt for the Platinum membership.

Why not offer membership for FREE?

Fair question! Firstly – because it will lead to many hundreds (or even thousands) of people applying, which will swamp us (we won’t be able to cope). By charging a fair fee, we get the most serious people who are in this for the long haul.

Secondly, it isn’t cheap to provide this service. We have a huge amount of stock available, contracts with Royal Mail, graphic designers to pay for, support staff, and so on. So this fee covers all those costs in one. Think of it like your ‘fee’ for a virtual employee.

How quickly can I get started?

You can choose your first products within hours of accessing the site. All our products have a huge stock, so you can be ready to go very quickly.

Won’t I need my own logo if I sell your products under my own name?

Yes, you will!

With the platinum membership, we create your logo for you. If you’re a Gold member, you need to create your own logo (you can just use fiverr.com – it costs around £10 and we will explain all in the members area). This is easy and the whole process takes a few days. We will give you full instructions in the members area.

What about product images?

With the platinum membership, we create your images for you.

If you are a Gold member, you can create product renders of your products by using an online service like fiverr.com.

This saves you the trouble of taking your own photos – and ensures you get a perfect, sales-getting image for every product you want to sell. Full instructions are given in the members area.

Where can I sell these products?

Anywhere! eBay and Amazon, etsy, Facebook, OnBuy.com, or even offline.  It’s your choice entirely.

What happens when I get an order?

We have a specialist website where you upload your orders. You press a button to upload them. That’s it. You can upload them at any time of the day or night. If you send them to us by 12pm on a given day, we ship them the same day.

By the way: we pay a cheaper price for postage than you’ll get at the post office. Another reason to use us – we have economies of scale that you probably can’t match.

What if I don’t make any sales?

All membership options have a 60-day guarantee. If you’re not happy, you can claim a refund at any time within 60 days of the day you placed your order.